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Pain relief Self heating tourmaline belt

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Back & Lumbar Support
Back & Lumbar Support

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Low Back Support Brace Belt Tourmaline with Infrared and Magnet heat Therapy, Self Heating, Size M, waist from 60 to 90 cm. New, never worn. Ok, so I have to share this info. In 2008 I got whiplash back injury (hit from behind at 60mph) which gave me chronic back pain going on 8 years and counting. I have been on chiropractic, massages, insurance approved Phisical therapy, insurance non approved Phisical therapy, naturopathic therapy, narcotic painkillers, you name it, I tried it. I have an arsenal of back braces and heating pads and tens units. I kept a heating pad at work on my chair. I have rechargeable battery operated, electric outlet operated, and plain belts / braces in every color, shape, and price range. Batteries last for 2 hours max, electric gives you range of motion as long as the length of the cord, plain you have to tie so hard that your stomach is coming out of your mouth. Tens unit helps only when you put it on heart attack special type strength. Shiatsu leaves me bruised. Ibuprofen gave me ulcers, 3 times hospitalization in one year kind, including 2 in one week. The thing that helps nicely is warm bath. But you can't drive a bath to work. Although, car/bath makers, do you read that? You all know that my thing is jewelry. I have read about tourmaline, that it is used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Tourmaline is a gorgeous semiprecious stone, and I promise to sell something with tourmaline soon. So anyway, I read about it, researched it, and bought something supposedly with tourmaline in it. It didn't work. I bought something else, more expensive, it didn't work. Again and again, I failed. I almost gave up, when I decided to give it one last chance. I found this place where the supplier person doesn't speak English. Go figure. With interpretive dance I explained what I wanted, and was rewarded)))) It worked. All this kind of belts look the same, and it's very hard to find the right one. But I did. First night I slept in it I thought I'm gonna have blisters. Again - no electricity, no batteries, completely earth friendly and whatnot, not that I care about anything else but getting rid of pain, but still. Back pain sufferers, I urge you to try it. I'm sure you have similar histories, and arsenals of stuff that either don't work or limits your life. This doesn't. It's discreet, under clothes, put on a loose shirt and no one knows. Think about it. Ask me questions. Do something. Every pain doctor I've been to think that I'm just junkie, fishing for pills, this treatment of me rubbed me raw, I don't have respect for any doctors anymore. Did it happen to you? Do you want to have a little respite from it? Because when your symptoms flare it won't help you 100% but it will help you stand your own, sometimes coping is all we can do, but every little help is good, right? How to use is easy. Very important to have it next to your skin, black dots touching skin. Belt has to be as tight as you can handle, in fact when using first time, put it on and lay on your back, read a book or something. Keep on for an hour, see how it goes. The heat stays inside your skin for good 20 minutes after you take it off. You might feel it too hot, but not uncomfortable. However if it is uncomfortable take it off for a bit. It also warms up the stomach area, good for period pain. I'm going to have other pieces too, neck, shoulder, knees, elbows, wrists, I will get the good stuff. I will get variety of sizes, too. I always try it on myself first. I started with back belt because it was important for me, but I will continue covering everything if you like it and need it and buy it. Let me know what your story is, maybe we can fix it? At least a little? What do you think? Worth a try? Ps Packaging will be opened for quality inspection.